About Us

Dream Catchers Consignment was literally just a dream a year ago and today we have blossomed into a thriving brick and mortar store in a small town offering lots of vintage and artisan home decor. There is an old adage that says it takes a village to raise a child in the case of Dream Catchers it has taken a lot of dedication from many vendors to sustain and left us off the ground.

What once started as small rummage sales in a building that sat just at the road edge of my property turned into an opportunity. A friend decided to sale her thrift store and retire. She knew that I had been having some success selling from that afforementioned building and felt I might like to branch out.
After just seven months with the thrift store in a brick and mortar location I was approached and asked if I could do consignment. Having had this thought in my mind for a while; this seemed to be that "sign" that I needed to get motivated. So in October of 2016 at the grand opening that dream was realized.

Oh and the name...my mom said (as I told her about preparing to start a second store) she was proud of me for going out and catching my dreams...so in honor of her we have Dream Catchers Consignment.